Arbutus Records is a Montreal based record label and management company founded by Sebastian Cowan in 2009. Geidi Primes, Halfaxa and Visions from Grimes were released through this label.



The community itself began as a 4600 square foot Mile End loft space called Lab Synthèse, and the label was created in order to promote and cultivate the bands associated with the space. The label defines itself as a community of multimedia artists and musicians that subsists through a DIY ethic, friendship, and collaboration. It has also been described as the vessel for an artistic movement where punk ethos and pop music collide.

Arbutus is run primarily by Sebastian Cowan, Taylor Smith, Mason Windles and Bronwyn Ford, and works closely with Marilis Cardinal of Cardinal PR.

Other artists

  • Blue Hawaii
  • Braids
  • Doldrums
  • Doldrums worked with Grimes on her Visions' song ''Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus)''
  • Majical Cloudz
  • Majical Cloudz worked with Claire on her single ''Nightmusic''
  • Lydia Ainsworth
  • Oxen Talk
  • Pop Winds
  • Sean Nicholas Savage
  • Silly Kissers
  • TOPS
  • Tonstartssbandht
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