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Be A Body (侘寂) Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus)
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Cover Visions
Be A Body (侘寂) by Grimes
from Visions
Released January 31, 2012
Length 4:20
Writer(s) Grimes
Producer(s) Grimes
Grimes - Be a Body (侘寂)

Grimes - Be a Body (侘寂)

Be A Body (侘寂) is a song from Grimes' third solo studio album Visions, being the eighth track off the album. The title features the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, which represents a Japanese worldview that beauty is impermanent.

Grimes said the following about the song: "I don't have a phone. Everyone I know is always on their f***ing phone on the Internet all the time. I just wanted to write a song about being alive in the real world — "be a body""[1].


A music video for the song was originally going to be made, although it was at one point scrapped, due to unknown reasons. Fans speculate it might have been because Grimes was unhappy with it.


All the keys in my mind, oh my, what a sight
Because I want to go home
Ha ha ha ha, oh oh oh oh
Feel the rhythm, oh my god
So then what am I?

I close my eyes until I see
I don't need hands to touch me
Be a body
I lean on walls until I stand
I touch my face with my hand
Be a body

So then what am I?
Be a body


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